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JNC CONSULTING ZIMBABWE Part of JNC Consulting Group, with representation in DR Congo, in Zimbabwe and in South Africa 3 Divisions: Human Resources, Technology and Entrepreneurship Brands: Koris, Mabundi, Epapasa, Handysmart

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unity and solidarity

Koris territory is about being genuine to what you stand for. It is being true to yourself: knowing where you are coming from and being proud about it, while still being open to the external environment. Koris brand celebrates Africa, it is about Afro-optimism.

Rooted life…

Our Products

  • Ginger Tea

    Locally Roasted
    Enjoy the exquisite savor of our ginger tea selection
    and start your day with a heady teaste of a strong
    and spicy cup of ginger
  • Ginger Snanks

    Locally Roasted
    Delicate crispy taste of the finest ginger snanks

Koris gives you the ginger

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